Terror Plots

by This Time It's War

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Our first ever full-length record!


released November 12, 2010

Recorded at Planet Red Studios in Richmond, VA from Fall to Winter 2009. Produced by TTIW and Chris Dowhan. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Dowhan. Pre-production and additional tracks recorded at the Wasted Warehouse in Lakeside, VA by TTIW.

Additional synthesizers by Chris Dowhan.
Guest vocals on "A New Chapter" by Andre Bravo.
Group vocals by Lakeside and friends.

Music and lyrics by This Time It's War.

This Time It's War Is:

John Gammon - Drums and Percussion
Jeff Jennings - Bass Guitars, Synthesizers
Justin Lawson - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Scott Quigley - Vocals
Alan Simpson - Lead and Rhythm Guitars



all rights reserved


This Time It's War Richmond, Virginia

Active since 2004. New split EP w/ Fixtures, "Rusted Screws/Machinery Of Man" released November 12th, 2011.

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Track Name: Manic Dependence
They sit around
Watching our lives fade away
A dull existence
And there is nothing we can do
To rebuild what has been damaged
We've taken for granted
Our lives

We've sacrificed all that we have been given
Our human greed will always consume our lives
Our mother nature is being burnt down
Make way for their corporate life

Tear down what has been built
To destroy our dreams
That were lost so long ago

Our dreams were burned in the past
We have lost all direction
That we've worked so hard to achieve

Sidelined by our inabilities to fight
We must rise up as one
We must rise up together

We've come so far
We cannot turn our backs to this
Our dreams will never be forgotten
We must rebuild what we have destroyed

We've sacrificed all that we have been given
Our human greed will never end
Track Name: Pathways
Smoldering remains
The shell of what once was a man
Pores overflowing with living ash
The body, once strong - skin cracked, tendons torn
The mind, diminished - open and hungry no more

A silent wave of cries pours over his being
Spiritual sickness unchecked has consumed the self
No deliverance found in the swarms that surround him
Not a hand to reach out to
No shelter from the storm

Some look towards the stars to find a cure
And seek their answers in a distant realm
Some reach inside and learn to endure
Without divine forces guiding at the helm

A timeless journey
A path with no end
Blaze a trail ahead into the fractured mirror maze
Serpent eyes
Tongues spitting deceit
At every turn a new lie to behold

Forge a path forward through fields of light
Endless plains of potential and unending might

Some look towards the stars to find a cure
Obtaining answers from a cosmic guide
Some reach inside and learn to endure

Secure your own path

Open the door
Track Name: Into The Abyss
Terror is our all-engulfing flame
And your souls are the cattle that we claim
Your sons are the children we enslave
Your daughters bear the harvest of our race

We rule by force; by will; by fire
Your ignorance is your demise

Behind closed doors
Yet in plain sight
You live through us
You live to die

We pledge an oath in our own blood
To wage this war in brotherhood

We built this world
Consumed by fear
From soil to sky

"The blind cannot lead the blind without bringing them into the abyss"

And from that hole
We gather our sheep
Loyal and true
Naive and the weak

The time has come
Accept your new fate
Breathing is useless
Your life is a fucking waste

"The blind cannot lead the blind without bringing them into the abyss"
Track Name: Dead World
We roam the earth, dead

Our last breath is draining from our lungs
With one last chance to find a meaning for our existence
In this dead world we find nothing as contagious as disaster

Brainwashed into thinking for someone else
Blacklisted are those who don't fall in line
Is this what's right?

We fall in line to prevent what we fear most

Dead world

We cannot hide forever
The tides just wash away
And all the thoughts that dwell inside
Provoke the fears that we've built up

As that black cloud engulfs the earth behind us
Our strength is lost
And our disposition is falling apart
We've reached the end
Could this be real?

We cower
We cower and fall

We cannot hide forever
The tides just wash away
As we rebuild a brand new day
Track Name: Unslaved
(Pt. I - Birth)

Living to kneel
This is the only sin

Baptized in ignorance
The seeds of fear take root
Smothering potential
Incarcerated existence

I will not accept this poison
Ill with disgust, I search for truth

The hollow word they preach - misguided
I have drank the wine that's blinding

I've found direction based on choices I have made
Stand without instruction
I alone decide my fate

Freewill is my destiny
Never fear what awaits
Refuse to bow down and forever be enslaved


Destroy this path of error

(Pt. II - Rebirth)

Exploring universal consciousness
An infinite connection
Never-ending beauty

I've found direction based on choices I have made
Stand without instruction
I alone decide my fate

Freewill is my destiny
Never fear what awaits
Refuse to bow down and forever be enslaved

Who shall construct the future?
Blur these lines between men and gods?
You and I

My voice will reach the furthest ears
The highest skies
My voice will reach the furthest ears
Across endless seas

There will be no more suffering
Transparent gods -
There will be no more suffering
Track Name: 11:34
Breathing life back into us
Can this be the one?
The bleeding starts
Sing to clear the dust

We'll never wish this had begun

I've been watching all day and night
The sky hangs low and reaches down to you
But all the rain can't weigh me down

Too much young life, all unbound
An incarnation of the age of static

We will glide away

Dark wet scenery lives here all year
Violent storms circle 'round us
In a fight we cannot win
You and I will surely meet our end

We will glide away
Track Name: The Shift Of The Ages
Writhe from material form
Ascending out of body
No knowledge of how I would be defined

Such a sight to behold (earth sweet home)
I have lost all control

Coasting down that black road
Toward my own world of illumination
Deeper through the stars
Reliving all that I've known
Always dreamt and was never shown

These scars encompass my being
Draining human energy
I've come to see myself a god
I'm being introduced to my higher self

"We are all and one, the essence of a being of light. And in your darkest day, remember: bear and meditate. Your body will be heavy no more. And now your spirit vibrates with the cosmos; we are the light that radiates. Absorb my infinite ray."

I give you release
Consciousness expanded

Writhe from material form
Ascending out of body

I'm telling stories of a journey cursed to all shattered gods
Such a sight to behold
I've gained my control

This is my eternal flight of the mind
Track Name: Blacklight
Track Name: The Lord Of The Flies
I am the blood of a child born within the sun
Burning a hole in time
Coasting between the light and the dark

Unaware of the cosmic structures that will crumble at the sight of my unholy power
Saturated by the entities that dare to question me

For the will of those in question
Will never bow to those creating fear
An intensified impulse of discontent
Has never seemed so clear

Manifested deep within my heart
I lay in need of the sympathy of the one who overcomes

Dwelling deep within my heart
Finding the strength within the deepest vessel
Conquer over helplessness

I am the aftermath of the architect awaiting the morning sky
Calculating the departure of this structural spine

Destroying the land, depriving the elements
I have become that which can create a wasteland
Turning the tides, shifting the sands
Breaking the hourglass so time stands still

The soul of that which inhabits the land
Is now just a phantom doomed to annihilation

For the will of those confined are brought to their knees
Paralyzed by the thought of feeling nothing
Failure and falling
Construction of shallow graves
Can't withstand the malice

I am the creation you've brought on yourselves
Constructed within your walls
There is no escape or salvation
You've brought this on yourselves
I am the creation you brought on this world
You've brought on the death of us all
Track Name: A New Chapter
There is a snarl on a man's face
As another passes by
A look of disgust

Hateful words still linger in the wind
Uttered by those who only see the color of one's skin

To some, the only color that matters is green
Expanding profit margins to fulfill financial dreams
Forfeiting judgment to feel a deep sense of satisfaction

Painfully blinded
Narrow minded
What's moving you?

Built upon an institution
Where wealth still walks atop poverty
Income designed borders in a competitive society

Ignorant minds building hate behind closed doors
I simply will not partake in the humiliation of man
Sinking below solidarity

Sour hiss of bigotry
Stuck in our ways
Ever rejecting diversity

Take a look around
It's not hard to miss
With so many disillusioned
Are we lost or drowning in bliss?

Sorely blinded
A biased mindset

Hateful words lingering on the wind
Striking down unity
This world is closed off to the open minded
We must bring this to an end

This is our story
Let's put an end to this chapter
A new generation to write the sequel
So tomorrow we may live as equals
Different skin. Different faith.
One people.